Stimulating the body’s deep tissue layers through massage can help relieve pressure. While the technique is often compared to other methods, this firm massage is slow and works to stimulate all of the tissues making up your joints and muscles.

To get this massage, you will lie on your back or stomach. A professional will apply the technique to finely-targeted areas of the body to help release oxytocin and serotonin. This reduces stress in all major muscle groups, especially in the back and neck. This is great in areas that are prone to strains and injuries. While your shoulders, hips, and neck are relaxing, your body is also reaping the benefits of deep tissue massage.

Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know getting a deep tissue massage can affect your arterial, diastolic, and systolic blood pressure readings? Getting a 60-minute massage could lead to a reduction of 5.3mm/Hg for diastolic pressure, 7.2 mm/Hg for arterial and 10.4 mm/Hg for systolic. Many people also see a lower heart rate after their massage.

Less Chronic Stress

Stress can do a number on your muscles and lead to tension or inflammation. This causes your health to decline and can make it harder to recover from diseases. The stimulation you receive from deep tissue massage helps to reduce cortisol levels and boosts oxytocin production. This makes it easier to unwind.

Break Up Scar Tissue

Injuries cause the tissue to become damaged, making it harder to fully recover. Deep tissue massage helps to break up damaged tissues, allowing the injured area too better repair itself. This helps to improve blood flow to the area and reduce inflammation. By repairing the damage, oxygen and other nutrients start to be delivered, reducing pain and swelling.

You don’t have to go to a fancy massage parlor to reap the benefits of deep tissue massage. Self-massage can be just as stimulating. Don’t wait, book an appointment or learn how today.