Prostate cancer is one of those things that many men don’t even realize they have until the cancer has progressed beyond a certain point and requires aggressive treatment. While you might be able to treat it with a few dietary changes in the early stages, that isn’t the same later on. After it progresses too far, you have no other option than to undergo intensive radiation therapy and other testing to get your health back on track. Here are a few signs to be on the lookout for in the early stages of prostate cancer.

Painful, Frequent, or Difficult Urination

When going to the bathroom, you shouldn’t experience pain or trouble urinating. If you find that you are suddenly going to the bathroom more often or it is becoming increasingly painful to do so, you need to be evaluated to determine what might be going on beneath the surface.

Blood in the Urine

You should never have blood in your urine. Anytime that happens, it signifies that there is something going on beneath the surface that needs to be addressed promptly. Regardless of how much blood there is in your urine, you need to get it looked at to see what can be done to rectify the problem right away and prevent further damage.

Loss of Bladder Control

If you suddenly have problems controlling your bladder, it might be that something else is going on and needs to be looked into promptly. Sudden incontinence is something that should be investigated. While it might not be prostate cancer, it could be something else going on that requires treatment.

Don’t overlook the signs that something is going on in your body. Take the time to go in and have a doctor perform a check-up to ensure you stay healthy. If something is going on like prostate cancer, it is far better to treat it in the early stages than it is to wait until it is extremely aggressive. A simple check-up could save your life and reduce stress along the way.