It’s only a matter of time before a baby develops their first diaper rash. While this is normally caused by not changing the diaper enough, diarrhea and other factors can be the culprit. A tight diaper can rub against the skin, leading to a bacterial or yeast infection. Laundry detergents and other chemicals can also cause an allergic reaction. This causes the skin’s protective layer to naturally break down, causing a rash.

Many infants start to get diaper rashes when the start to eat solid foods. This is because their bowel movements start to change. Sitting a lot, rather than laying down, can also cause rashes to become more common. Luckily, there are several natural ways to relieve your infant of pain and treat pesky diaper rashes.

Magnesium Oil

Topical magnesium oil ointments contain no steroids, making them perfect for sensitive skin. Natural anti-inflammatory properties help any rashes heal faster.

Frequent Diaper Changes

Avoiding the problem can be the easiest way to prevent it. If being exposed to dirty diapers is what’s causing your little one to get more rashes, start changing more frequently. The average baby will go through 8 to 10 diapers per day. If you see signs of infection, treat them immediately.

Bentonite Clay

This special clay is known for its ability to remove impurities and toxins from the skin. Bentonite clay is super easy to use and can heal lesions within a few hours. Just use a little bit of clay and water, massaging it into the affected area. You’ll have to wait 15 minutes for the paste to dry, so you will need to be able to hold your child or get them to stand for that long. Then just use warm water to remove any leftover clay.

Reducing diaper rash can be easy when you start using herbal remedies and natural methods. Don’t expose your baby to chemicals or waste your money when safer options are available.



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