How to stay fit and healthy in the midst of a pandemic is a topic on a lot of minds. For many people, exercise means going to the gym, but what happens if you can’t go to the gym? Your home may not have the same atmosphere or equipment as a health club, but it is still a great place to work out. Here are four types of exercise you can do at home that require little in the way of space and equipment.


Strength Training Workouts

Strength training does not need fancy weight racks and an assortment of machines. All you need is resistance. Oftentimes, your body weight offers plenty of resistance, but if you want a bigger challenge, use what you can find around the house. If you already own weights, by all means use those. If not, look around for anything heavy that you can lift without risking injury. Think canned food, jugs of water, tools or furniture. For workout inspiration, pull up your favorite search engine and look for “bodyweight workouts” or “home strength training workouts.” You’ll find no shortage of fantastic workout routines and ideas using your own bodyweight or items you can find around the house.



Pilates is great for getting your heart rate up and toning your muscles. While some movements require specific equipment, you can still do a Pilates workout with nothing more than a mat. Don’t have a mat? Use a clean towel or blanket. If you’re new to Pilates, there is good news. The internet is chock full of mat-based Pilates videos that will introduce you to the basic concepts. A quick search for “mat-based Pilates” will give you workout material to last months or more.



Yoga is not only about relaxing and chanting Om. While yoga is great for finding your inner calm, it is also a great way to work up a sweat while toning your muscles and improving your flexibility. As with Pilates, you’ll generally only need a mat to do yoga at home and if you do not have a mat, a towel will do in a pinch. In place of any props such as blocks or straps, you can improvise with things you already own like books and belts. Do a search for “vinyasa yoga videos” to get started.


Clean Your House

In all seriousness, cleaning is hard work. It’s called manual labor for a reason. It also happens to be a great way to get a workout in without leaving the house. As a bonus, you get to relax in a clean space after you’re done. Not all chores are equal in difficulty, however. A great place to start is by looking at all the tasks you’ve been putting off. They are most likely the hardest ones, right? Think: scrubbing the tub, running the vacuum, mopping, and cleaning the windows. Household chores pose more of a physical challenge than we realize. To get started, make a list of things to do, queue up your favorite pump-up music and go to town.  Be sure to take care of your muscles by stretching afterward, the same as you would with any workout.


Staying at home does not mean having to sacrifice your workout routine. Between strength training, Pilates, yoga and cleaning, you can vary your workouts to keep from getting bored. With a little creativity and will power, you can create a home fitness regimen that works for you.