No one wants to see an unsightly wart form on their skin, especially if its in a place all of their friends and family can see. Warts take months to clear up. Even if you are a healthy adult, you could be looking at that ugly thing for two years or more. If your wart is in an embarrassing place or is painful, there are a few things you can do to speed up the recovery process. If you want to eliminate your warts, use one of these methods below:

Topical Ointments

Topical treatments are usually comprised of salicylic acid, which remove the layers of the wart. This is a slow process, but you will notice progress with each use. This method is really effective when combined with cryotherapy.


This treatment freezes the wart by exposing it to liquid nitrogen. This causes the skin around it to form a blister, which peels off the wart. It can take several treatments to fully remove the wart, but it can be effective.

Immune Therapy

Medications that boost the immune system can fight viral warts. Most of these treatments are injected into the wart by a physician. Topical treatments may also be used to speed up the recovery process.

Surgical Removal

While it sounds extreme, you can cut your warts away with an electric needle. It is an outpatient treatment that can cause scarring. A surgeon will numb the area and perform the procedure in a few minutes.

Laser Surgery

This option sounds cool, but it can be just as painful as electric needle removal. The process uses laser lights to burn through the wart tissue, destroying it.

There are many wart treatments available. You shouldn’t have to deal with an unsightly wart the rest of your days. Choose a treatment that matches your lifestyle and pain threshold. You’ll quickly notice a difference and feel better about your wart treatment.