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6 Reasons Why Meal Replacement Shakes May Not Be Good for You


In the modern world, not everyone has time to prepare a delicious home cooked meal. Meal replacement shakes have grown in popularity as a quick-fix for weight loss or as a supplement for vitamins and minerals. While this can be true for frozen meals, bars, and shakes, not every replacement has the same essential vitamins and minerals as a full meal.

Meal replacement shakes contained a lot of processed ingredients and are typically used to reduce calorie intake. The ingredients used to produce the shake need to withstand a long shelf life, so they aren’t the same as using fresh ingredients to make a meal.

There are several other reasons why you may want to think twice about meal replacement shakes.

Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals

Most of the vitamins and minerals in meal replacement shakes aren’t derived from food. This can make them harder for the body to digest.

They are Loaded with Sugar

Most commercial shakes use sugar and/or artificial sweeteners. This can worsen one’s overall health, making the stomach upset or causing dips in energy levels.

Artificial Ingredients

Many of the ingredients in meal replacement shakes have harmful side effects. Typical ingredients can include flavor enhancers, thickeners, refined oils, and preservatives.

Low Protein and Fiber Content

Because not all shakes are rich in fiber or protein, you may not feel full after drinking them. Most of the sources of protein in the shake come from processed powders or dairy.

Can Aggravate Digestive Issues

Synthetic products can make pre-existing conditions worse. Because the shakes don’t promote gut health, symptoms like inflammation and indigestion can become worse.

Don’t Help with Weight Loss

Meal replacement shakes aren’t a permanent solution to weight issues and often leave people craving foods they would typically enjoy. They can also reduce energy, making it harder to achieve lasting results.