Bed bugs are annoying little pests that can live almost anywhere. While most people think they only live in bedding, these blood-suckers love tiny cracks and flat surfaces. They will bite anyone who comes near, especially if they think the animal or person is sleeping. They can survive for months inside luggage, old sofas, carpets, and dressers. That’s no fun at all!

Most bedbugs live in homes and motels. While they can invade offices and day care centers, they tend to stay where they can find easy sources of food. Each one of their bites ends up in a itchy, bumpy rash like a mosquito. Some people can have allergic reactions or catch diseases from wandering bed bugs. You need to avoid them as much as possible!

Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites affect everyone differently. The strength of the immune system plays a role in how large each bite swells to. Most don’t carry any lasting viruses or infections, but the itchy sensation can be very annoying.

Here are a few signs you may have bed bugs on your hands:

  • Intense itchy red skin
  • Open wounds from bug bites that ooze puss
  • Small bumps in zigzag patterns, always in sets of three
  • Dry skin on the arms and legs
  • Pigment changes to the skin as each bite starts to heal
  • Red marks that appear in the morning that are gone by night time

Once you have been bit by a bed bug, you might try to blame yourself. You might have a fear of sleeping for awhile. This is normal. Some people have no issues with the bites, but freak out when another member of the family shows signs. People with strong immune symptoms will be able to get through their bed bug problem with little to no problems.


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