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Bonding With Your Child During A Pandemic

Pandemics cause the world to flip. It's common for schools, playgrounds, gyms and outdoor entertainment facilities to close in many places to prevent outbreaks from worsening.With all these changes and new restrictions, you may be at a loss as to how to keep you and your child connected and contented. The following are some...

Vitamin E (As a Fat-Soluble Vitamin)

‘’Let’s have a look at how Vitamin E help us with our daily routine life’’ Introduction: There are number of benefits claimed by health food and cosmetic industry for vitamin E but very few have been supported by reliable research. Vitamin E is the mixture of several related compounds known as tocopherols. The alpha...

Vitamin K (As an essential Vitamin

’What deficiencies can vitamin k food sources cause if not consumed in an adequate amount?’’ Introduction: Vitamin K belongs to the family of compounds known as quinines. Two forms of the vitamin are; ‘’Phylloquinone’’ from plants sources and ‘’Menaquinones’’ from animal sources. Vitamin K can be synthesized by bacteria in intestines. The body stores...

Principles to consider while planning a diet plan

1. For all the nutrients minimum RDA must be met. 2. Energy derived from cereal should not be more than 75 percent. 3. It is better to include two cereals in one meal like rice and wheat or millets and rice. 4. Flour should not be sieved for chapathi as it reduces bran content. 5. Refined cereals should be...

‘’Dietary fats and cholesterol: Health Implications…’’

Introduction: National cholesterol education program recommend the following optimal levels Total cholesterol less than 200milligrams per deciliter (mg/DL) HDL cholesterol levels creator than 40 mg/dl LDL cholesterol level less than 100 mg/DL Guidelines to reduce blood lipid level: Adjust caloric intake to maintain desirable body weight.Reduce total amount of fat in diet. Less than 30 percent of dietary calories from fat are recommended.Reduce the amount...

‘’Good And Bad Quality Carbohydrates’’

-LINE: ‘’A wise selection of carbohydrates as an energy source.’’The so-called ‘’Bad’’ carbohydrates – sugar and refined foods tend to be significant contributors to excess calorie. That is because they are easy to get, come in large portions, tastes good, and aren’t too filling. People tend to eat more of these refined foods than...

‘’School Nutrition’’

Research have shown that improving nutrition has tremendous advantages for humans, while in humans childhood is the most vulnerable period nutritionally, at the same time it is the period when interventions are most effective and beneficial. Good Nutrition improves the learning potential and well-being of the children and in early life lays the foundation for healthy adulthood and ageing....

6 Reasons Why Meal Replacement Shakes May Not Be Good for You

In the modern world, not everyone has time to prepare a delicious home cooked meal. Meal replacement shakes have grown in popularity as a quick-fix for weight loss or as a supplement for vitamins and minerals. While this can be true for frozen meals, bars, and shakes, not every replacement has the same essential...

Top 5 Super Foods Your Body Needs

“Super foods” are nutrient-rich foods that people incorporate into their diets for a number of reasons. Eating healthy can have a major impact on how the body feels and functions. While eating a diet full of fruits and veggies can be beneficial, some people want to take it a step further. By incorporating super...

5 Chinese Herbs You Don’t Want to Ignore

Herbal therapy is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine. Not only do these help balance the Yin and Yang, they help to treat a wide range of diseases and help to strengthen vital organs. Many families use household herbal formulas to treat medical problems. Modern practitioners may also combine several herbs to assist...


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