Many people assume that their home is clean just because it isn’t exposed to the elements. While the breeze probably doesn’t blow dirt and allergens into your home, that doesn’t mean that the air is better inside. In fact, the trapped air may be worse than it is outside according to the EPA!

While you may think you are stuck with bad air quality, this isn’t the case at all. Adding a few plants can help filter through the nasty air, making the home much better off. If you aren’t sure what kind of plant to get, here are a few suggestions.


With the ability to remove 80% of the harmful compounds around it in under a day, this small tropical plant is the perfect addition to any home or office. It works wonders against toluene, a toxic substance that makes the body feel weak and tired.


Acetone can be one of the most horrible smells found at home. This chemical triggers all sorts of ailments, sometimes even causing permanent damage to the central nervous system. While most plans rid the air of acetone, dracaena takes it up a notch. This wondrous plant removes up to 94% in about 12 hours.

While Dracaena and Bromeliad are two common examples of household plants, there are many other varieties that can rid a room of toxins and pollutants. These varieties are big, green and beautiful, creating a gorgeous environment as well as a healthy one. You’ll be able to put your mind at ease and promote better breathing just by adding a few hearty plants.


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