Hair plays an important role in how people feel about themselves. Hair loss and lower quality can be devastating to people, regardless of age or gender. While some diseases affect hair growth, a lot of times hair problems are related to nutrition. Vitamin deficiencies can cause a wide range of problems, especially when it comes to regulating your hormones.

If you are having trouble with your hair and there isn’t a clear explanation, you can try increasing your intake of these key vitamins and minerals.


  • Omega- 3 and Omega-6 – These essential oils, typically found in fish oil, can help improve growth and thicken hair. Rich antioxidants stop hair loss in its tracks, allowing you to slowly increase hair follicle counts.
  • B-Complex Vitamins – These vitamins contain Biotin and B5, both of which are crucial for thickening hair fibers. This helps make hair stronger and less likely to break.
  • Iron – Iron deficiencies can cause all sorts of hair problems, especially related to growth and shine.
  • Zinc – This mineral helps slow hair follicle regression and accelerates recovery. This makes it useful for treating a wide range of hair-related diseases.
  • Vitamin C – This crucial vitamin is found in most citrus fruits, but helps protect against free radicals in the body. This can help reduce oxidative stress, improving hair quality.
  • Vitamin D – This vitamin plays an important role in the immune system, which can help prevent hair loss.


The good news is most of these vitamins and minerals can be found in fruits and vegetables. Changing your diet could be the easiest way to get the beautiful mane you always wanted!


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