The 10 Best Must-Have Health-Tech Gadgets for 2020

Even though lockdown and social distancing restrictions have fundamentally altered our way of life, technological innovation keeps pressing onward. This year, there are a number of incredible health-tech gadgets that you will want to get your hands on. We’ve put together a list of the best health-tech devices for 2020, so that you can save yourself the headache of researching what tech gadgets to get for improving your life.

Here’s our list of the best must-have health-tech gadgets for 2020:


A similar concept to the Apple Watch, but more specific in its function, Glutrac is a wearable blood glucose monitor. Instead of needing to prick your finger to get to your blood, which you then have to get onto an expensive paper strip, Glutrac is non-invasive. You can now measure your blood sugar levels quickly and painlessly.

Thanks to AI technology, Glutrac can estimate your blood glucose levels with incredible accuracy. This is a very novel technology that comes packaged in the form of a smartwatch. You can also get other vital signs, such as your heart rate. The embedded sensors log health data at 15 minute intervals. You also get finger sensors that will let you get real-time readings. The data gets sent to the cloud, where it is analyzed, and you are provided with accurate measurements.

YO Sperm Test

Infertility is a growing problem in the US and around the world. Today, people have to make an appointment with a doctor, go to see them, and then wait for tests to come back showing whether they are fertile or not. That’s no longer the only option. Now, you can test to see whether you are fertile by using the YO Sperm Test.

This is the world’s first at-home method of testing progesterone, using a high-tech device and urine test. The gadget will measure whether your progesterone levels are high or low. Now, knowing whether you are able to have children is as simple as taking a test for fertility at home using this device. There’s even a neat feature where you can see your actual sperm on video.

Bisu Body Coach

Another reason you had to previously go through the lengthy process of going to the doctor and getting results was to take a urine test. That is no longer necessary, thanks to Bisu. This is an at-home test that will check how hydrated you are, what your electrolyte levels are, how many ketones you have, and what your dietary acid load is. It’s a convenient way to get results using a small and simple device.

Withings ScanWatch

Not all smartwatches need to look futuristic and hi-tech. Withings has come out with a classic-looking smartwatch called the ScanWatch. This device features an electrocardiogram that can find out whether you have arrhythmia. It can also measure what your blood oxygen levels are. It also features a monitor for continuously checking for any atrial fibrillation. If you want a traditional-style watch that is as smart as other smartwatches, this is a great option.

Heart Hero

The Heart Hero is a conveniently-sized atrial defibrillator. It is portable enough to keep at home and have on standby for use in unexpected cardiac events. Thanks to the advanced AI technology powering it, emergency services will be contacted as soon as there is a problem registered on the device. It will determine whether there is a heartbeat. If there is none, it will let out a shock to ensure a life can be saved.


Mateo is a “smart” bath mat that does more than just dry off your feet and keep them warm. Thanks to the technological advances it has made to the traditional bathroom mat, it can track your weight, and body type, as well as identify how good your posture is. Think of this mat like a scale, but instead of displaying information on the mat itself, it sends it off to your smartphone.


The MedWand is a small device that features 10 different kinds of functions for diagnosing medical issues. This makes it very useful in telemedicine, where a doctor can examine a patient remotely. There are a number of attachments for diagnosing different issues. Some of them include ones for the heart, lungs, blood-oxygen levels, nose, throat, mouth, and others.

Tivic Health ClearUp

This device is designed to get rid of sinus pain, which is usually caused by allergy-induced inflammation. By holding it against your cheekbone for a few moments, moving it around a bit by your nose, you get a barely-noticeable microcurrent sent into your sinuses. It will even vibrate to let you know when it’s time to move it to another area. The electrical stimulation of certain nerves can inhibit pain that is usually associated with inflamed sinuses.

The Wave

The Wave is a wearable device that looks like a smartwatch, but is a little different. Developed by Embr Labs, it is touted as the world’s first thermal wellness tech business. This particular gadget is a smart bracelet, in that it will make you feel either 5 degrees Fahrenheit hotter or colder. That could be very useful in many situations. Consider it like your very own personal thermostat.

Sana Health

Sana is a novel kind of neuromodulation device that looks a little bit like VR goggles. It makes use of pulsed light and sound in the goal of eliminating the persistent chronic pain that people suffering from fibromyalgia have to deal with. Thanks to this device, people with this condition have seen their symptoms go from being severe to just mild within a span of two weeks.