Anemia varies from one individual to the next. The symptoms are based on any underlying health issues, the form of anemia you are dealing with, and the severity of the condition. While everyone is a little different in the symptoms they present, there are a few things that many have in common.


Many individuals suffering with anemia find themselves feeling tired more frequently than those who don’t have the condition. If it seems like you don’t have the pep in your step that you used to, it might be that you have something going on beneath the surface that needs to be addressed.

Shortness of Breath

While shortness of breath can mean any number of things ranging from anemia to blood clots and beyond, it is important that you have your healthcare provider look into the condition for you to determine what needs to be done and how to go about correcting the problem. Even though anemia might be a simple problem to correct, blood clots can be life-threatening and not something to wait on.


Do you find yourself feeling dizzy for no reason at all? If you are having trouble standing or sitting and carrying on a conversation, it might be time to get your health checked. While feeling lightheaded and dizzy can be a sign of hypoglycemia and any number of other conditions, it can also be a sign of anemia.

It’s important that you get an accurate answer as to what is going on with your health so you don’t end up worse than what it should be. Each symptom can represent a whole host of other problems. Only your physician can determine what the true problem is and how to help you overcome your symptoms and move on with your life. Don’t delay in scheduling your appointment today.