Top 5 Super Foods Your Body Needs


“Super foods” are nutrient-rich foods that people incorporate into their diets for a number of reasons. Eating healthy can have a major impact on how the body feels and functions. While eating a diet full of fruits and veggies can be beneficial, some people want to take it a step further. By incorporating super foods into your diet, you could be optimizing the way your body functions.

There are several different superfoods that have different affects on the body. Before you change your diet drastically, be sure to consult a doctor. Here are a few examples of nutrient-rich superfoods.


Wheat plants are known for having several vitamins and minerals, including chlorophyll. The freshly sprouted leaves of the plant are often added to juices and smoothies, but it is also available in tablet form.


Avocados are rich in healthy fats, vitamin c, and vitamin k. The fruit is often prepared like a vegetable, but its creamy texture makes it an excellent addition to smoothies or a spread for toast. Many people incorporate avocados into their weight loss routines.


Not all superfoods come from plants. Fish are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which have a number of different health benefits. Not only can salmon help with heart and brain health, the omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation. Unlike other items on this list, salmon can be enjoyed as an entrée.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have a unique flavor, but they are also high in vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and manganese. This nutrient combination can help strengthen the immune system, help fight off infections, and reduce inflammation.

Goji Berries

It’s no secret that berries are rich in antioxidants, but goji berries contain up to 12 times the level of blueberries. These berries have also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. The nutrient-rich superfood can help protect the skin, prevent eye disease, and improve energy levels.