Did you know nuts and legumes are among the best superfoods? Walnuts are an excellent choice for a snack because they help fight off depression, improve your heart and brain health, expel parasites and so much more. There are several different walnuts out there, but your best bet is going to be the black walnut. This variety is packed with antioxidants, antineoplastic and neuroprotective properties. Here are a few other big reasons why you need more walnuts in your life.

Get Rid of Parasites

Invasive parasites hate juglone, and black walnuts are full of it. This compound contains enzymes that boost your metabolism function. Worms of all kinds hate them. This makes black walnuts a smart choice for people trying to get rid of ringworms or thread worms.

Promote Healthy Skin Tone

Black walnuts also contain tannins, which work as an astringent. This tightens the epidermis and helps to eliminate any irritations. This makes it effective against several ailments including poison ivy, acne, viral warts, and eczema.

Boost Your Cardiovascular Health

A 100 gram serving of black walnuts has a huge 3.3 gram serving of ALA or alpha-linolenic acid. This helps boost cardiovascular health, reducing symptoms of coronary artery disease. Walnuts can also decrease serum concentration of cholesterol, having a huge impact on the heart. You’ll also find goodies like magnesium, protein, potassium, dietary fiber and vitamin E.

Slow Cancer

Quinones are great for fighting cancer symptoms and black walnuts roots are full of them. This is why the fruits, branches and bark of the black walnut tree is used in so many herbal remedies. The juglone works to inhibit transcription and block off potassium channels, helping you fight off some of the symptoms of lung, liver and gastric cancer.

Whether you just want a nutrient rich snack or are fighting cancer, black walnuts can be a great addition to your diet. Try them today and see how much your health improves.


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