Elderberries are known for their health benefits. Ever since Ancient Egypt, people have been using elderberries to help with a number of ailments. This is because of its strong antiviral properties. There are some other great reasons why you should try elderberries. Here are just a few examples.

Boost the Immune System

Elderberries contain anthocyanidins, which are great for upping your immune system. Many people use elderberry extract to treat minor cold and flu symptoms. This is a great way to reduce symptoms. Other people use it right before hopping on an airplane, helping to prevent some diseases. To maximize the effects, try taking extracts about 10 days before your trip overseas.

 Reduce Sinus Infections

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help make elderberry a great choice for people with sinus issues. Infections can be common and are often the result of nasal passages becoming inflamed.

 Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Both the berry and the flower have been known to show improvement in diabetes cases. Extracts work to stimulate glucose metabolism and insulin secretion. This keeps blood sugar levels much lower. Extracts can also increase glucose transport and oxidation. Glycogenesis stimulation helps clean the extra sugar from the liver and muscles.


Helps You Stay Regular

Elderberries can help improve digestion and promote urinary tract health. The natural diuretic works to keep bowel movements regular and keep the body from retaining excess fluids.

Improve Your Skin

Cosmetic companies are also taking note of the healing properties in elderberries. Not only are the full of bioflavonoids, Vitamin A and antioxidents, all things that can have a dramatic impact on the skin. This helps you look more radiant.

With all of the health benefits outlined above, it is hard to ignore elderberry extract.